Selecting a cosmetic surgeon for any procedure of this nature requires careful consideration and due diligence before you go under the knife. You’ve likely heard some of the “plastic surgery horror stories” that stem from unscrupulous and disreputable surgeons working on the bodies of those who are desperate and woefully ill-informed.

But how is one to pick the best options from a sea of surgeons? Find out more about how nose surgeons can improve your quality of life!

The advice below consists of the best industry tips for selecting a cosmetic surgeon. With this information at the front of your mind, you will find a surgeon that makes you feel safe, informed and confident in your choice.

Word-of-Mouth is the Best Referral

Has someone close to you gotten cosmetic surgery in recent years? Is their surgeon still in practice? Consider having a sit-down with your friend or family member to discuss the quality of care that they received.

Even though the internet age makes it easier than ever to find reviews of any number of service providers online, including cosmetic surgeons, it is possible to find fraudulent or misleading information. This is why word-of-mouth is still considered one of the most – if not the very most – reliable way of ascertaining information about a provider’s services.

Consult the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery

It’s an unfortunate fact that cosmetic surgeons do not need to be specifically trained or qualified in some of the procedures that they offer in order to become qualified as surgeons in this area. Hence, the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery was created. This collective exclusively works with only the most qualified, competent and educated cosmetic surgeons in the country. Ask any cosmetic surgeon you interview if they are certified by the ABCS.

Ask the Right Questions

It’s a great thing for a cosmetic surgeon to have years of experience under their belt, but you want to be sure that they are experienced at the procedure that you are specifically requesting. To ensure their competency, ask these questions during your initial consult with any surgeon:

  • How and where did you train for this procedure?
  • How many years have you been performing this type of procedure? How many times in your career have you performed it?
  • Do you have a portfolio or photographed list of examples of your work for me to look at?

If any of the surgeon’s answers hint toward a lack of training or experience, you’re better off looking for a different cosmetic surgeon for your procedure.

Understand Where the Operation Will Take Place

Your safety depends on not only the surgical staff, but also the surgical suite in which you will undergo your procedure. Ask your potential surgeon about the location where they conduct procedures, which accreditations the facility has, and what qualifications the facility’s anesthetist has. Every person involved in your procedure needs to be experienced, accredited and qualified.