When choosing a cosmetic surgeon for any procedure, no matter how simple it may seem, you need to be discerning. There are many unscrupulous and unqualified surgeons out there who are willing to take your money and leave you with unsatisfactory or even dangerous results. You want to avoid these surgeons at all cost, of course, but how exactly can you do that? These self-proclaimed “professionals” can be downright deceptive, winning over your trust before leaving you with lasting problems.

These 5 traits are considered red flags by actual, professional surgeons in the industry. If your surgeon displays any of these during your initial consult or at any other stage of the process, it’s time to start your search over.

They are Not Certified by the ABCS

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery only accredits surgeons who have the experience and training to show that they can operate safely and professionally on patients. To become board-certified, a surgeon must have a minimum of six years devoted to training as a surgeon, with at least three of those years dedicated specifically to cosmetic surgery. If the surgeon is not certified by this board, it’s best to continue your search. There are many cosmetic surgeons out there who are board-certified.

There is No Talk of Your Medical History

No matter the nature of your intended procedure, your medical history is of great importance. The cosmetic surgeon should be asking you many of the same questions any other surgeon would in order to best understand your health and help to inform you of any possible risks associated with the procedure and your history of illness and/or medical treatment.

They Try to Upsell You

“Upselling” is a great technique in retail – but not where your body and health are concerned. If your surgeon is trying to get you to have another procedure, arguing that it would complement the one you’re already interested in, they likely see you as little more than a cash cow.

They Make You Feel Uneasy

When consulting with a cosmetic surgeon, you should feel comfortable asking questions and feel confident that the answers given to you are honest and correct. If your surgeon is brushing off your questions, making you feel negatively for asking them, or seems to be playing off of any perceived low self-esteem to fatten their bottom line, they are not the surgeon for you. You want a cosmetic surgeon who you feel comfortable talking to and who you feel you can trust.

Their Facility Isn’t Accredited

The facility wherein you will undergo the procedure matters nearly as much as the accreditation of the surgeon themselves. If the surgical suite or other medical suite dedicated to the performance of cosmetic procedures isn’t accredited, or the surgeon can’t tell you what accreditations it has, you do not want to get surgery there.