Reconstructive Surgery – The Different Types

Does your child have a congenital disability such as a cleft lip? Are you a woman that has had a mastectomy done? Have you had a disease that is traumatic or severe burns that may have caused some permanent damage to your body? Then, reconstructive surgery could be for you. It is mainly for medical reasons, unlike cosmetic surgery which is primarily out of anyone’s will. The former may repair the affected and damaged tissues. […]

Flee from These 5 Red Flags When Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon

When choosing a cosmetic surgeon for any procedure, no matter how simple it may seem, you need to be discerning. There are many unscrupulous and unqualified surgeons out there who are willing to take your money and leave you with unsatisfactory or even dangerous results. You want to avoid these surgeons at all cost, of course, but how exactly can you do that? These self-proclaimed “professionals” can be downright deceptive, winning over your trust before […]

The Industry’s Best Tips for Finding a Cosmetic Surgeon

Selecting a cosmetic surgeon for any procedure of this nature requires careful consideration and due diligence before you go under the knife. You’ve likely heard some of the “plastic surgery horror stories” that stem from unscrupulous and disreputable surgeons working on the bodies of those who are desperate and woefully ill-informed. But how is one to pick the best options from a sea of surgeons? The advice below consists of the best industry tips for […]